living hope uganda

poverty alleviation

Hope initiative Uganda supports poor household families to free themselves from the cycle of poverty through animal farming regardless of their religious backgrounds. The project’s target is to serve 1000 families with pigs, milk cows, goats, sheep, chicken & ducks. Each donated animal will help a poor family from hunger and poverty if the animal is properly raised. 

Uganda ranks 2oth poorest countries of the world characterized with high rate of HIV/AIDS, unemployment, corruption and illiteracy and whose related effects are numerous until today. There is no clear arrangement by the government to rehabilitate poor communities, however much the government try to rehabilitate rural communities through the National Agricultural programs, the need is still big to handle alone. You can’t imagine that an average Ugandan depends on $1 a day which is equivalent to UG Shs. 2500! Its upon this that Living Hope Uganda was established to work hand-in-hand with all stakeholders, Charity Organizations and donor communities to create income generating projects for the poor families.

We extend to you our request to buy an animal to a poor family and with your gift; you will have built hope to poverty stricken Ugandan communities to have hope for economic sustainability in the future.