living hope uganda

Living Hope Orphanage School


Living Hope Junior Academy started in 2007 with a vision to give education to orphans and poor children whose parents died of HIV/AIDS and other natural diseases. The school runs from Kindergarten to grade 7 with a total of 200 Children.We realized the need for a school because of the increasing number of orphans and needy children in this community, we thought that the only way we could help these children is to give them education in a way to shape their future.Whenever education promotes children’s dignity- their innate belief that they have a place in the world and a contribution to make to it- a new generation of young people can play an active tole in creating healthier families, stronger

local communities, and positive global change.

We desire to raise these children in a Christian environment. These children are psychologically traumatized who need to be rehabilitated in the society. Our next phase is to construct housing units/dormitories that will accommodate children. We therefore seek for your philanthropic support and prayer to do what we could to make Living Hope Junior Academy a better place to live.

He who gives to the poor will lack nothing, but he who closes his eye to them receives many curses”. Proverbs 28:27