21 days of Fasting & Prayer

As we reach the end of 2013, the whole of the Living Hope Team – staff and Board members – are hugely grateful to God for another year in which we have seen lives changed and saved through the work we have been enabled to do.

Looking into 2014, the opportunities are even greater! We also live in days of challenge, where charities as a whole are experiencing the effects of the economic climate in the world. We remain convinced that our God is no-one’s debtor, and that growth only comes as we sow – but we also want to go forward with wisdom.

To this end the staff team and Board are setting aside 21 days -18th Nov. to 09th Dec. 2013 as days of prayer and fasting, to seek the Lord for his guidance in these exciting days of opportunity. We would like to invite all of our friends and supporters to join with us in whatever way you feel appropriate.

Thank you in anticipation for standing with us!

Prayer points:

1. Give thanks to God for the past year of activity for Living Hope Uganda. We have done Missions – large and small – in Maddu, Mamba, Nakawuka, Kirinyabigo – all in Uganda. Give thanks for the lives touched, saved and changed. Give thanks for safety in travelling.

2. Please pray for our local pastors in these communities. Pray for the Lord’s blessing on their families, their work and ministry. Pray for God’s provision for them as they serve Him. Often we are working with people and we cannot give all of their names, but here are some key individuals.

Maddu – Pastor Mark Lusalu

Mamba – Pastor Lawrenece

Nakawuka – Pastor Lydia Okello

Kirinyabigo – Pastor Dancun Ssajjabbi

Rwanda – Pastor Caleb

3. Please pray for the Church land we are purchasing in the Muslim community of Buloba. Pray that God may bring the 60% funds to make the first installment and the reopening of this church.

4. Also pray for the Orphanage school-Living Hope Junior Academy, for the teaching staff and students. Pray that the school gets the funds it needs to make the floor, windows and doors and also enough food and school supplies.

5. Please pray for wisdom for the Living Hope team and Trustees as we go into the New Year. There are so many opportunities and we need to see continued provision of finance, in an uncertain economic climate. Many charities are facing problems and Living Hope has also seen a drop in income in 2012. However, we do not believe that our God is constrained by the economy of the nation – He creates His own climate! We believe as we sow there will be provision. Please pray for the windows of heaven to be open.

6. Please pray for the Living Hope staff team and trustees by name.


Elijah, Dancun, Orsborn, Winnie, Phiona & Dithan

Executive Staff Team

Grace, Tadeous, Catherine, Esther, Ronald, Emma


When we pray, things change.

You may not be able to travel to the nations, but we’d love you to join with us in prayer. As you do, you hold the hand of each person and community we reach out to.

Please Email us at admin@livinghopeuganda.org if you’d like to join the Prayer Network, and receive regular prayer updates.



Every 31st December all community local pastors join in prayer and celebration for the new year. Prophetic words are spoken out by men and women of God, worship, praise, fire works, testimonies and altar call characterizes the night. 


In joyous seasons of the year like Christmas many poor children are left out with no special meal. Some move from family to family, house to house to see if there is someone to welcome them in for a meal. As we have been feeding children on Christmas, again this year on 23rd December 2013 we feel obliged to feed them. Would you consider joining us in this campaign with a Christmas gift of $10 to feed two children. Our target is to feed 1000 children at our Orphanage School in Mityana and at Street children's Home in Makindye Division.

Give a Christmas Meal to a poor child in Uganda!